Drama! Wema Sepetu and former friend leave no stone unturned while insulting each other online (Audio)

Wema Sepetu and actress Batuli have been exchanging heavy words on social media following an unknown fall out between the two. As reported on most gossip tabloids; Batuli apparently started throwing insults at Wema’s skinny body for no apparent reason.

Judging from the post shared by Batuli; it’s only right to assume that the lady used the skeleton photo to throw shade at Wema Sepetu.  This comes months after Wema lost her excess body weight hoping to get pregnant in the near future.

Batuli to Wema Sepetu

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According to Wema Sepetu, doctors from India urged her to cut off the weight; and since she was desperate for a child, the lass had no option but to adhere.

However one of her closest friends; Batuli ended up throwing shade at Wema’s new body hence bringing up unnecessary women issues on social media.

Wema hits back

Having come across the post Wema Sepetu has also decided to respond to her former friend while on a phone interview with Dizzim online.

Batuli attacks Wema Sepetu

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Well unfortunately for Batuli, Wema did not come to play! The Tanzanian sweetheart went on to own her skinny body by tell off Batuli. According to the lass, the new man in her life likes bones (skinny) which is unlike her (Batuli) who has a ‘fat’ body.

This being the first time the two ladies are battling it out on social media; Ms Batuli has now been forced to deactivate her account as team Wema already started hitting back.

Anyway listen to the interview below.

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