Edday Nderitu Maintains Her Stance Of Not Sharing Samidoh With Karen Nyamu

For a very long time now, Karen Nyamu and Edday Nderitu have not been in good terms. The main reason is because they’re ‘sharing’ their baby daddy Samidoh; and it seems like none of them is willing to let go of the immensely talented singer.

We might praise Samidoh’s male wits, considering how hard he’s been working to make sure he spends quality time with both his wives and children.

Both Nyamu and Edday Nderitu have sired children with Samidoh.

Edday Nderitu seemed to have let go of Samidoh several months ago; and she decided to leave the country for the US; where she’s currently living.

Edday’s decision to move abroad was believed to be expedited by family drama. It was rumoured that she considered her move abroad permanently.

But recently, Samidoh re-united with her at Boston. This was part of Samidoh’s plan to visit his children after not seeing them for over half an year.

His eldest daughter, Shirleen, captures the emotion perfectly in her heartfelt caption: “Wow, what a beautiful day. My Daddy is finally here; we missed you, Daddy. Welcome to Boston.” Her simple words speak volumes, echoing the yearning and happiness that fill the air.

Following Samidoh’s visit, Edday Nderitu was roped in by inquisitive fans who were wondering whether shes still looking to share Samidoh with Karen Nyamu. She maintained her stance of not sharing him.

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