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Edday Nderitu takes a swipe at disrespectful hubby Samidoh and his side chic Karen Nyamu

September 12, 2022 at 10:11
Edday Nderitu takes a swipe at disrespectful hubby Samidoh and his side chic Karen Nyamu

For months Edday Nderitu has maintained her silence concerning husband Samidoh cheating on her with socialite lawyer Karen Nyamu; but knowing how women work – many predicted that one day she would speak on it.

Samidoh with his first wife, Edday

This is because women tend to hold grudges after being betrayed and in Edday Nderitu’s case – Samidoh wasn’t hiding the fact that he was involved with Karen Nyamu; actually they even went ahead to have two kids together and last we checked – they were still involved.

Anyway with that said, Edday Nderitu recently responded to a fan asking how women deal with their cheating husbands; not forgetting the side chics – who for reason assume they’d replace first wives.


Well according to Edday Nderitu, men who disrespect their families are the ones who give their ‘side pieces’ the strength and confidence to feel they’re better than his first family or even wife.

To her when a man doesn’t value what he has then those around might end up feeling the same and this why you find some fathers absent in their kids lives…simply because they put their happiness before that of their children hence increase in the number of suicidal teens.

Well…seeing how Samidoh embarrassed her on social media following his relationship with Karen Nyamu; clearly Edday’s feelings towards Samidoh shifted after he cheated…but question is, why stick around and stay bitter about it? For the kids maybe?

But again….just like Karen Nyamu she too has a newborn around the same age as that of Karen Nyamu….so I guess there’s an agreement between the three but, it’s just not working for Edday.


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