Eddie Butita Reflects On The Impact of President Ruto’s Endorsement

Kenyan comedian Eddie Butita found himself in the spotlight in June when he received a surprising accolade from President William Ruto during the Kenya Drama Festivals Winners Gala at State House, Nairobi. The president singled out Butita and his comedy partner Njugush, praising their creative talent and entrepreneurial spirit, even suggesting that they might be earning more than his own salary of nearly KSh2 million.

In a recent interview with Dr. King’ori, Butita opened up about the profound impact that the president’s unexpected recognition has had on his life. He shared how this endorsement has not only boosted his career but has also influenced how he interacts with others.

“There is something psychological or subconscious about power,” Butita remarked. “When the president said I was successful, it changed a lot of dynamics in terms of business, how we relate with other people. Sometimes you get business because someone hopes one day you will mention their name to the president. There is something about power I am trying to understand, especially its effect because the president can be a very good influencer.”

Butita, known for his witty and lighthearted approach, jokingly suggested that the president should consider charging a fee for publicly endorsing businesses. While a lighthearted remark, it also reflects the significant influence that the president’s words can have on public perception and business opportunities.

Butita’s experience highlights the power of recognition and endorsement from influential figures. The president’s commendation has undoubtedly boosted Butita’s reputation and opened doors to new opportunities. It also serves as a testament to the success of Butita and Njugush as comedians and entrepreneurs, demonstrating their ability to not only entertain but also build a thriving business around their talent.

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