Edgar Obare gets the last laugh over Jalang’o and Kamene Goro

Image: Edgar Obare

A couple of weeks back, I declared that Xtiandela and Edgar Obare are the future of the digital landscape in Kenya and they are going to be a big problem for more established media houses in days to come.

Xtian Dela and Edgar Obare are the new digital evolution

Today we are going to focus on Edgar Obare. He is the genius who managed to convert his IG account into a micro-blogging wonder. he would dish the “tea” as he refers to gossip and whenever he does so, he grips Nairobi’s collective attention.

edgar obare

And he managed to do what many a Kenyan had failed to do: monetize his IG. And he was making money hand over fist. But as with every success story, there were a collection of haters sitting in the shadows and hating on his entrepreneurial skills.

Edgar Obare brutally exposes controversial vlogger caught in another fraud scandal (Video)

His haters came in the form of two of his subjects, Jalang’o and Kamene Goro. The pair of them decided to take aim at the business aspect of his entertaining micro-blog tabloid and it seemed like a bit of a reach for the pair of them and the saltiness was akin to that of the Indian Ocean during high tide. The pair later became radio-co-host: amor fati.

edgar obare and jalas
Edgar Obare (left) and Jalang´o (right)

But Edgar Obare did the smart play and ignored them, continuing to enjoy minting his money and giving his clients the services they wanted. and wouldn’t you know it, now none other than Kamene Goro has borrowed a leaf from Edgar Obare’s playbook.

Stop blaming Edgar Obare for the fault in your stars

Given the Covid19 situation and the fact that everyone is hustling and trying to make a buck where they can as they can, Kamene Goro’s decision isn’t exactly an illogical one but seeing her try to play off her decision as anything short of pulling a “fast-follower” business tactic and I guess it is down to an assumption on her part that people are too stupid to see a pattern and connect the dots.

And indeed, Edgar Obare should get his 7 chuckles in but he should also remember that in business, complacency is akin to death and he will have to actually step up his game and get even more value for his clients than Kamene Goro can give hers and indeed one way of doing that which has allowed him to stay ahead of the fray despite the fact that Ms. Goro is undercutting him is through his tantalizing content.

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