“Elizabeth killed my son” Mama Steve Kanumba blames actress for son’s death on National TV

Mama Steve Kanumba is still bitter with actress Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ for pushing her son who accidentally hit the edge of the bed; and unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

According to reports this was just an accident that cost the actor his life; and till date, Mama Steve Kanumba blames Elizabeth for killing her son despite the courts ruling which pardoned the lady about 2 years ago.

Elizabeth Michael Lulu and Kanumba’s mother

However thanks to Wema Sepetu’s cooking show which is aired on DSTV,  we finally got to hear Mama Kanumba blame Elizabeth for the death of the late Steve Kanumba where she said;

Aliemuua mwanangu ni Elizabeth Micheal Lakini nashukuru

Kanumba and Elizabeth Micheal

Although we may not really know the events that took place on that fateful day; word making rounds on social media is that the late Steve Kanumba had been seeing Lulu despite knowing that she was a minor.

The late Kanumba with young Elizabeth Micheal
The late Kanumba with young Elizabeth Micheal

Apparently the grown man had worked his way into Lulu’s life; and being a naive young girl – she later found herself in a relationship with him. We can choose to call that paedophile case; which the court may have seen while handling Kanumba’s case – but it appears the actors mum cares less.

In the viral video making rounds on social media proves that the Kanumba family still blames Elizabeth; but since the decided otherwise, I guess all the lady can do; is blame the person he is said to have been with moments before his untimely death.

Watch the video below.

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