Elodie Zone: I struggled with depression from ages 14-17

Mental health is a topic that most people are not comfortable taking about even though it affects everyone. Many people have even ended their lives because of mental health problems.

Popular YouTuber Elodie Zone has opened up about her struggle with depression. She reveals that she struggled with depression for three long years.

Elodie revealed that the most important lesson she learnt after suffering from depression was to love herself.  She says this has helped her overcome difficult situations she faced.

“After going through depression from ages 14-17, I learned to love myself. Probably the most important thing that I’ve learned in all my 21 years of being alive,” wrote Elodie Zone.


Elodie took to YouTube to share tips to overcoming depression. She decided to address the topic after many people reached out to her seeking advise to build confidence.

“It hurts me that I get so many messages daily from many of you, reaching out for help and asking how to build confidence. In my new YouTube I give you guys 8 tips that I still practice in order to ensure that I’m living my best life. If you don’t love who you are, then you can’t love others the right way”

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