Elsa Majimbo Rejects Kenya Once Again, Says Kenyan’s Prayed For Her Downfall (Video

Image: Elsa Majimbo

Award-winning comedienne Elsa Majimbo has once again rejected her home country Kenya, citing that she felt un-appreciated and rejected for her comical skits.

The jester has been bitter with Kenya ever since her departure to London, where she’s currently residing. She vows never to return to Kenya.

She said that Kenyans bullied her on the internet with colorist remarks and that they were praying for her downfall.

“I have a very complicated relationship with Nairobi. When things started going on well for me there was alot of backlash to me and there were alot of colorist things said towards me and surprisingly its people from Kenya who were doing that and they were bullying me on the internet,” she told Forbes.

“They were hell bent on my failure and it was so absurd. When the whole world was cheering me on Kenya was praying for my downfall so when I got the chance I packed my bags and I left. I’ll go to see my family but I left and I’m never going back.”

Majimbo is among 50 creators who have been identified by Forbes as the most powerful influencers on the Internet in a first-ever ranking, called the Top Creators 2022 list.

Watch her full interview below;

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