Elsa Majimbo’s Shopping Spree Triggers Her Bank Freeze

Kenyan comedian and internet star Elsa Majimbo left fans in stitches after revealing her bank froze her credit cards – not because of a lack of funds, but because of a major shopping spree!

The 22-year-old shared the story in a TikTok video, explaining how she decided to retail therapy her way out of a rough patch. Inspired by a friend who found solace in shopping after a difficult time, Elsa embarked on a shopping marathon.

“I woke up one day and just decided I was going to shop until I dropped,” Majimbo said in the video. Her targets? Everywhere you can imagine – high-end stores like Versace, trendy brands like Zara, and lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret.

The comedian recounted the initial suspicion from her bank, with alerts questioning large purchases. Unfazed, Majimbo cleared things up with the bank, confident in her spending power.

But after a few more high-dollar transactions, the shopping spree came to an abrupt halt. Her cards were frozen! The bank, understandably concerned about unusual activity, required verification to ensure Elsa wasn’t a victim of fraud.

Majimbo’s story highlights the lighthearted side of dealing with financial security measures, even for the rich and famous.

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