Embarambamba Releases New Song ‘Nataka Kunyonywa’ & Fans Aren’t Happy About It

Image: Embarambamba doing his thing

Chris Embarambamba, a controversial gospel musician, stirred up the internet after releasing a new song titled “Nataka Kunyonywa.”
The Kisii Gospel performer has sparked a sizable internet debate, and many online users are now asking for his cancellation.
Embarambamba sings of wanting to be “licked” by God in the song.

The song’s lyrics contain phrases like “I want to be licked… I need to be licked, thus I want God to lick both sides. One to lick me, who? God is all, and He will atone for all of your faults.

Netizens have responded to the publication of this new song in a variety of ways, with some criticizing him for being blasphemous.

While some find amusement in the strange words of the song and laugh together, others express profound disappointment in Embarambamba’s uncouth approach to gospel music.

The singer gained fame in the most un-expected manner for his obnoxious acts in his music videos, including throwing himself into mud and chasing on-lookers.

After his recent release, netizens remain undivided, with most criticizing his method of spreading the gospel.

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