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Why Embarambamba is a scapegoat for angry Kenyans

May 26, 2021 at 10:37

Embarambamba has been the whipping boy for Kenyans the past few days and even I have to admit that this is rightly so. He recently had a performance that was just straight bullshit for a gospel artist as he was caught on tape dry humping both a man and woman.

‘Embarambamba Ni Mchawi’ Ringtone Hurls Insults At Musician, Claims He’s Not A Gospel Artist

And while I will not spring to his defence because this is inexcusable behaviour, I am going to point out that Kenyans are angry at him in an extremely exaggerated manner and this is because Kenyans are cowards.

You see, in Embarambama Kenyans have an easy target; a scapegoat. Kenyans are busy dog-piling the gospel singer because he is easy to get at and attack and you can be as brutal as you want to be to the Kisii artist because he has no real recourse.

Video of gospel singer Embarambamba grinding on fellow man goes viral

You see, Kenya is a country led by the worst of men in our society. We have had rapists occupy office and work in the highest levels of government, we have also had people accused of organizing mass murder occupy the two highest offices in the land.

But we are more willing to completely destroy Embarambamba, a man whose only mistake is making a fool of himself and his fans. Let that sink in because it really just tells you how stupid we are as a people.

Embarambamba Explains Viral Video Of Him Misbehaving In A Club (Video)

One party was accused of mass murders. We celebrated them and elevated them to the highest office in the land. Their case was dismissed to lack of witnesses. Those are the people we paid gospel artists like Ben Githae to sing songs for them.


And here we have a buffoon of a gospel artist. A person who has been thrust into stardom before he was mentally ready for what it entailed. And that is the man we are dog piling and crapping on. Embarambamba is that fool. And the only reason I can think of why we are being this harsh to him is that we are cowardly bullies.

Ezekiel Mutua and his people need to leave Embarambamba alone (NEW MUSIC VIDEO)

We should have taken to the streets countless times in the past to demonstrate the rampant corruption in Kenya. Like when our president (who I must say I think is so immensely competent, he is truly the universal beacon of leadership and integrity) openly admitted he doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that members of his government are stealing 2 billion shillings in what? A year? A month? A week? A day?!


And yet it is Embarambamba that we are looking to cancel and destroy? And we are even giving the great bastion of intelligence, Ezekiel Mutua, a soapbox to talk down on the man who is making a fool of himself in hopes of trying to feed his family?!

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