Employers wataona vituko! Shock and awe as CCTV footage captures moment a househelp defecates and urinates in a kitchen

Installing CCTV in your house has its pros and cons, the disadvantage is that the things you might see may end up affecting you forever.

An employer recently got the shock of a lifetime while reviewing CCTV footage from a hidden camera installed in the kitchen. The employer’s maid was caught defecating in the kitchen

The footage which was recorded on 14th January 2019, show the househelp taking a tin from the sink, placing it in a paper bag and pooping inside it.


Routine pooping and peeing

In a separate footage captured on a different date, the househelp is once again seen peeing in a purple jug before pouring her urine into the kitchen sink.


It seems as if the maid had made it a routine to poop and pee in the kitchen. But why not just the toilet? Why was she even doing it in the kitchen of all places?



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