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Engaged! Kennedy Rapudo finally proposes to girlfriend, Amber Ray

November 10, 2022 at 09:28
Engaged! Kennedy Rapudo finally proposes to girlfriend, Amber Ray

Kennedy Rapudo is a man that remains in love with Amber Ray despite the many warnings he has received from fans who feel they know Amber Ray better. But what many didnt know is that, when a man is in love – that means he is ready to carry whatever baggage his woman comes with.

Rapudo proposes to Amber Ray

And barely a month after Ellah Ray revealed her sister just got engaged….Kennedy Rapudo on Wed, Nov 9th went down on one knee proposing to Amber Ray that is judging from a video shared by the socialite.

Well seems like his plans were not just to take her away for a birthday vacation but to also propose just a few months after they started dating. Okay, there are those who will probably feel they moved too fast – but then again, love is blind and at their age – why waste time.

Amber Ray over the moon

I guess its only fair to say Amber Ray has had one of the years in her life because 2022 was all about her. She not only got pregnant but also engaged in the same year.

Amber Ray engaged

For her its like after every loss she takes, it comes back as double blessing and look….after Jimal wanted to make her a second wife, someone else has opted to make her his first wife…mmmmh, talk about luck.


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