Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe need to start caring about the child

Image: Jackie Maribe with ex boyfriend, Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe are clearly competing to be the winners of the uncovered prize of being the world’s worst parents. Why? Because of the way they are going back and forth about their son.

To be fair, Eric has shared the fact that he has doubts on whether or not the child is truly his. Fine. But why would Jacque Maribe put out any personal information about her relationship with the father of her child? I get that the man in question is a complete idiot but she chose to lay with him and sire a child.

Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and son

Why did she not simply hang up when the idiot that is Eric Omondi decided to call her and ask about whether or not he is a deadbeat dad? Why did she respond to his post about taking responsibility for a child he is claiming as his? WHY?!

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Jacque Maribe and her ex are both idiots and we have to wonder whether they have passed on their limited iQ to their child. She should have known that anything she said with regards to Eric Omondi would always splashback at her son. She should have known that anything she does with regard to his subsequent relationships is a reflection on her child.

Co-parents, Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi

I will never understand why a woman would choose to lay down with a clown like Eric Omondi and then make their domestic drama an issue for the nation to mock. No one cares. All people are doing is either mocking him or her depending on whom we relate to closer.

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Now we are at the point where no one is really mentioning much in public discourse; that boy needs protection and therapy. He is being publicly denied by the clown that had claimed him publicly three short years ago. His mother’s modesty is also being questioned as it is being claimed he is a bastard -someone whose father is genuinely unknown.

Media personality, Jacque Maribe

And then that boy’s mother is busy putting his so-called father’s private shortcomings out in public for that same man to be mocked. For the boy to be reminded that Eric Omondi genuinely wants nothing to do with him outside of photo-ops and feel good father’s day posts.

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Jacque Maribe has failed her son and done so because she became emotional and wanted to lash out at Eric Omondi. Now she needs to think about therapy for the boy because he is old enough to have his peers mock him while he is at school.

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