Eric Omondi Calls Out Eddie Butita & Other Content Creators for Attending State House Function

Comedian Eric Omondi has called out fellow content creators Eddie Butita, Blessed Njugush, and others for attending a function at State House on June 2, 2023. The function was hosted by President William Ruto.

Omondi, who did not attend the function, said he was “disappointed” by the decision of his fellow content creators to attend. He said that the timing of the function was “insensitive” as it came at a time when the government had proposed a 15% tax on digital content creators.

Omondi said that he understood that the content creators were invited to State House to discuss issues affecting the creative industry. However, he said that he was “suspicious” of the motives of the government. He said that he believed the government was trying to “divide and conquer” the content creators.

Omondi urged the content creators to “stand together” and fight against the taxation bill. He said that the bill would “cripple” the creative industry.

Omondi also called out Butita specifically. He said that Butita was a “leader” in the creative industry and that he should have used his position to “stand up for what is right.”

Butita has not yet responded to Omondi’s comments.

The taxation bill has been met with widespread opposition from the creative industry. The bill has been criticized for being unfair and for stifling creativity.

The government has defended the bill, saying that it is necessary to raise revenue. The government has also said that the bill will not affect small-scale content creators.

It remains to be seen whether the government will withdraw the bill or whether it will be passed into law.

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