Eric Omondi Considers Running For Lang’ata MP Seat

Comedian Eric Omondi is considering running for the Lang’ata Member of Parliament seat in the next general election.

Omondi, who has been doing philanthropic activities in Lang’ata, said that he has been encouraged by the public to consider running for office.

“Many people have told me to vie for the Lang’ata MP seat,” Omondi said. “There has been gossip that I am eying the seat, yet I have never shared it with anybody. Today, I can’t go to Lang’ata because people think I am their MP and want my help.”

The seat is currently held by Phelix Odiwuor, better known as Jalang’o, a fellow entertainer who ventured into politics in 2022.

Omondi said that he is still undecided about whether to run for office, but he is open to the idea.

“I will think about running for the political seat,” Omondi said. “It seems people have endorsed me. There is a saying that people’s voices are God’s and I believe in that.”

If Omondi decides to run for office, he will be the second comedian to do so in Kenya. Jalang’o is currently serving as the MP for Lang’ata.

Omondi’s entry into the political arena would be a significant development. He is a popular figure with a large following, and his candidacy could shake up the political landscape in Lang’ata.

Only time will tell whether Omondi will run for office, but his consideration of the matter is a sign of the growing interest in politics among Kenyan entertainers.

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