Eric Omondi Declines To Assist Struggling Music Producer Magix Enga Due To Alleged Illuminati Affiliation

Despite his philanthropic endeavors to aid Kenyans facing financial hardship, comedian Eric Omondi has drawn a line when it comes to extending assistance to troubled music producer Magix Enga. During a recent interview, Omondi acknowledged Magix Enga’s plight but expressed hesitation in offering support due to the producer’s past claims of involvement with the Illuminati.

Omondi raised concerns about the credibility of Magix Enga’s request for financial assistance, citing the producer’s previous statement in which he openly declared his membership in the Illuminati. “I checked, for example, in the case of Magix Enga, there was a time he said he was Illuminati and that he said there was money there. How do I come again and tell Kenyans that this person needs help? Kenyans will not take me seriously when I come with a serious health issue,” Omondi explained.

In a January 2022 interview, Magix Enga made a startling confession, revealing his affiliation with the Illuminati. The music producer claimed that he joined the controversial group at the age of 23 in pursuit of fame and fortune.

Omondi’s decision to withhold aid from Magix Enga stems from his belief that supporting someone with alleged Illuminati ties could jeopardize his credibility as a philanthropist. He fears that Kenyans might dismiss his future appeals for assistance if he associates himself with individuals linked to such controversial organizations.

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