Eric Omondi Defends Himself Against Deadbeat Allegations- ‘One Day I’ll Tell My Truth’

Image: “Eric Omondi recently approached me and hinted we can get back together,” Jacque Maribe spills (Video)

Comedian Eric Omondi has defended himself against allegations that he is a deadbeat father.

Omondi, who was speaking during an interview with Oga Obinna, said he will give his side of the story in the near future. He claimed that he risks being taken to court if he discloses the truth now.

“I can’t talk about this story now, or I’ll be taken to court, but one day I’ll tell my truth about being a deadbeat,” he said.

This comes after Omondi’s baby mama, media personality Jacque Maribe, issued a “final disclaimer” to him over their son’s DNA test.

Maribe said she was tired of engaging in the “endless paternity discourse” and called out Omondi for dragging parenthood into his comedy.

“I’ve kept quiet for long. This liar called Eric should come correct and I come with receipts. I have resisted responding to this liar. He thinks parenting is part of his comedy. He lies about everything. Leave my name and my child out of your comedy Eric. I’m tired,” she wrote.

Omondi and Maribe met in 2012 after a staff party at their company, Radio Africa. They had a one-night stand, and Maribe later told Omondi that she was pregnant.

Omondi says he asked for a DNA test, but Maribe refused. He has been requesting a DNA test ever since, but she has continued to refuse.

The paternity of the child has been a source of speculation for years, and Omondi’s recent comments have only added to the controversy.

It remains to be seen whether Omondi will ever be able to prove his paternity, but his claims have certainly put the spotlight on the issue of deadbeat fathers.

In the meantime, Omondi says he is focused on being a good father to his other children. He has three children from previous relationships.

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