Eric Omondi exhorts citizens of Nairobi to defy Sakaja’s directives and record Kanjos

Renowned comedian turned activist, Eric Omondi, has taken a firm stance against Governor Johnson Sakaja’s recent directive to county inspectorate officers, commonly known as Kanjo, a move that has stirred controversy.

On April 1, the county leader instructed Kanjo officers to arrest any individual caught recording or taking pictures of them while on duty.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Eric Omondi criticized Sakaja, branding him as the foremost content creator who is stifling others.

“Have you not seen Sakaja on TikTok? He is the top content creator. He lacks the authority to prohibit anyone from recording in the city,” suggested the comedian.

Omondi, popularly known, urged every Nairobi resident to start recording Kanjo officers who engage in the brutal harassment of Kenyans.

“We will take legal action against them for brutality, corruption, and unlawful arrests. We demand that Kanjo officers must identify themselves before making any arrests. They should display their identification cards and inform you of your alleged offense,” he emphasized.

According to the comedian, the governor has mismanaged the county, allowing Kanjo officers to violently extort from Nairobians under the guise of carrying out their duties.

“Kanjo officers are plundering Nairobi through violence. They abuse their uniforms to hide their corruption, soliciting bribes everywhere,” Eric lamented.

Asked about his support for Governor Sakaja, Eric expressed disappointment, stating:

“I voted for him, and it’s disheartening how he has let us down. I believed in him as a young person because I thought he understood the struggles of the youth. He once identified with us, having been involved in gospel music. However, he is now intoxicated by power and has forgotten those who propelled him to his current position. He is persecuting us and shying away from accountability.”

The comedian further called for mandatory cameras on Kanjo officers to monitor their actions, highlighting his own experiences of being targeted despite his efforts to assist them.

“Nairobi is not your house, Sakaja Johnson. We will impeach you. The drainage systems are not working; nothing is working. Your priorities are upside down; your officers kicked a woman in the stomach as I watched. Brutality must stop. We will record them daily,” Eric added.

He vowed to continue recording Kanjo officers until they cease their abusive conduct towards Kenyans while carrying out their duties.

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