Eric Omondi has a point BUT…

Eric Omondi has been on a warpath with several celebrities after he called them out for not being exciting -basically not participating or creating publicity stunts.

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Besides this, he’s been crying and complaining about the fact that many foreign artists (read Nigerian) have been given opportunities to perform in Kenya when our own artists aren’t afforded the same opportunities.

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Eric Omondi has gone as far as to claim he has sponsored a bill to be tabled in parliament that seeks to address this issue which would be very interesting to see debated.

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Well, what is wrong with all this jazz? It would appear his intentions are positive and he is trying to do the right thing that will eventually benefit Kenyan artists in Kenya. So why is everyone clamouring for his head?

Well, it all boils down to the question of “HOW?” he has gone about it. Because you see, rather than build consensus with other celebrities and artists, he has taken to antagonising them.

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Sadly, this is the wrong approach. I say that because he is simply making a mockery of his attempts and as a result, rather than us discussing the merit of what Eric Omondi is trying to push, we are discussing his idiotic feud with Bien, his idiotic feud with Khaligraph Jones aswell as his idiotic feud with Kamene Goro.

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And don’t get me wrong, all parties involved are idiots. They are incapable of putting their trivial issues to the side and discussing the merits or demerits of what the comedian is saying without things devolving into personal attacks and side issues.

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Eric Omondi has a point, Kenyans aren’t fully invested in supporting their own artists. That is why Ruger can attract 10,000 revellers while Nyashinski could only manage about 2,500. But Nyashinski, Sauti Sol, Khaligraph Jones and a few other acts who not only have a grassroots following but also corporate support AND IT’S STILL NOT ENOUGH.

And that is before we even consider the question of whether or not our artists would get corporate support to host a concert in Nigeria. Think Lagos, let alone Enugu.

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Eric Omondi has a point but he is not a leader. He is not the type of personality people would follow. Why? Because he is too invested in making this push, this movement he is struggling to gain momentum for because he wants to make this a cult of personality. He wants people to worship him or give him some sort of blind loyalty and adoration.

Eric Omondi

He has started a conversation, he should be willing to take a step back and allow other parties to be the face of the push while he steers the conversation from the back room. That would allow even those celebs who have an axe to grind with him to be part of this push.

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