Eric Omondi In Bitter Beef With Kenyan Musicians After Sturdy Comparison With Tanzanians

Comedian Eric Omondi has once again ignited a beef with Kenya’s top artists for comparing their performance with Tanzanian musicians. The jester made his sentiments known as to why he believes Tanzanians are performing way better in terms of music, with his main reason being Showbiz.

Sharing via his Instagram, Eric shared a detailed post to demystify his his sentiment;

”The top 5 Most Streamed Musicians in Kenya are Tanzanians. Let me Expain why!!! There are certain things they are doing that we aren’t. SIT YOUR ASS DOWN and LISTEN!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!!Entertainment or Music is not Just about your music!!! Its about your LIFESTYLE!!! Where do you go? Who are you dating? How are you dressed? Look at these peoples lives. Harmonize made Noise for a whole 3 months just “asking Kajala to come back to him” Diamond buys a Rolls Royce, Goes on tour promises to buy a private Jet and two weeks later jets into Kenya in one!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! KENYAN MUSICIANS ARE SIMPLY BOOOOORING and it will get you NOWHERE!!!!”

Kenyan Artists React

The sentiments are paramount and ambivalent reactions were imminent. Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien and Khaligraph Jones are among those who reacted to Eric’s statement.

Khaligraph reacted;

 ”Wewe mwenye unapiga showbiz unanunua Rolls Royce yako siku gani? Sababu Showbiz unapiga nayo ila sielewi mbona showbiz haiambatani na quality ya life ama showbiz ni ya kufurahisha tu watu?”

Bien wrote;

”Another opportunity to talk sh*t. I knew you can’t miss this. Everything about this country is wrong. Governance, education, corruption, lakini wasanii ndio mtaingilia…”

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