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Eric Omondi Leaves Netizens Talking With New Hairstyle (Photo)

December 22, 2021 at 22:32
Eric Omondi Leaves Netizens Talking With New Hairstyle (Photo)

Eric Omondi’s conspicuous change of hairstyles is not a new thing to us. Just like the comedian he is, his hairstyles depict further his bubbly nature. The jester not only comes out in unique outfits; but also cross-dresses better than your main chick!

His numerous change of hairstyles over the years have tickled netizens on some occasions- where he does it like a pro.

His hairstyles are always unique and this time, he has rocked in different colors-I don’t exactly know what to call this new style.

Eric Omondi’s New hairstyle-Instagram (courtesy)

In relation to this, Eric has released a new video in the same hairstyle; threatening Jamaican Dancehall artist Konshens.

”Should I release this Video and Finish Konshen’s Career or Should I Forgive him??? If you want me to release Comment “FINISH” and if you want me to Spare him Comment “FORGIVE”. HOLD MA BEER🍺”

Their beef was all about curtain raising claims and went on for weeks. Below are more hairstyles of the comedian over the years.


Have you seen Eric Omondi's new hairstyle? Probably you should(photos) 



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