Eric Omondi should make Ringtone the next bachelor on Wife Material

Eric Omondi has been arrested for filming and distributing his show, Wife Material without permits nor a license and Ezekiel Mutua is swinging his shlong in the matter to remind Kenyans he exists.

Eric Omondi arrested over ‘Wife Material season 2’

On the other hand, Ringtone is busy throwing missives his way, complaining about his show. He is angry about the quality of women on the show trying to that they deserve to be called Eric Omondi’s wife.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi showing off his gym gains.

I would, however, argue that perhaps the best way forward for Eric Omondi, if he is permitted to continue filming his show that is, then perhaps Ringtone should be the next bachelor on it and I would think it would do well for two reasons.

Wife Material Contestants Spend The Night In Jail (Video)

The first is that Ringtone has been crying about needing a wife. The entire show is run on the premise and plot of Eric Omondi looking for a wife. Ringtone has gone to the extent of taking to the street holding up a placard and asking for a wife. So he would be the right fit for the show.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi with the winner of the first season of Wife Material

Add to this the fact that Eric Omondi would be getting a gospel artist to seek for a wife in a secular ground. This would make for some tasty scandal. Can you imagine the same ratchet women trying to win the attention of Ringtone? How would he react when they began a twerk battle for him? What about their group dates? Where would they go? I would imagine they wouldn’t b going to church.

“Funga Hii Duka Ya Ujinga, Tumechoka!” Ringtone Takes Shots At Eric Omondi About Wife Material Show

Another way that this would benefit him is the fact that he cannot actually have a third season of Wife Material with himself being the bachelor yet again. He can only push his audience to suspend belief in the premise of the show. Add to this the fact that Ringtone is actually not shy at all so he wouldn’t try and hide from the scandal and you have a winning season.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi n the day he launched

All in all, Eric Omondi has a winning idea for a show but now he needs to get some vision to ensure it remains fresh for another 10 seasons. Rington could be the key to unlocking that potential.

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