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Eric Omondi pays for 8 more women bail

March 16, 2023 at 09:05
Eric Omondi pays for 8 more women bail

Eric Omondi has just paid bail for 8 more women which has seen them go free from langata women’s prison. And this is a fantastic move that he has done after he previously paid for a woman who was imprisoned because she couldn’t afford her 10,000/- bail.

Eric Omondi can actually be a successful politician

Share the news of his social media page the comedian said,

Today we managed to Bail out 8 Young Girls from Langata Women Prison, their Stories are Heartbreaking and Simply Heartrenching. We will process more tomorrow and then we move to Nairobi West Men’s Prison, then Industrial Area then we go Nationwide. Something needs to change and Change Fast. Thank you once again @bernicesaroni 🙏🙏🙏 God bless.

It is good to see that his political ambition is pushing him to have the lives of a few Kenyans even as he continues to push for the lowering of taxation so that the cost of living in Kenya can reduce. It’s also endearing to note that Kenyans have rallied around Eric Omondi.

Eric Omondi Hailed By Kenyans After Demonstrating For The High Cost Of Living

He clearly has his eyes Set on a political seat and though he has began his process of campaigning very very early, he is right to do so as Kenyans have been sharing their frustration with the government of the day.

Eric Omondi

This is because they have seen the cost of living Rise beyond what most Kenyans can afford, and yet we hear that more and more taxation is about to be introduced and levied on Kenyans.

Eric Omondi’s arrest a strategy to keep kenyans quiet on high cost of living?

Eric Omondi has already received support from the leader of the opposition the Right Honourable Raila Odinga who spoke up against his arrest and what he considered police harassment sponsored by the government of the day.

Eric Omondi launches his studios

The comedian has vowed to continue with his fight and I said his next stop will be at the men’s prisons and jails to pay bail for Petty offenders who are incarcerated due to their lack of capacity to pay their bails or bonds.

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