Eric Omondi pays fuel for random Kenyans

Eric Omondi is upto something and while we already know it is politically focussed, what we do not know is what agenda or platform is going to be running on. I say this because right after paying bail for incarcerated Kenyans, he has now taken to doing this charity work.

Taking to his social media account, the comedian explained what he was doing by saying;

Issue kubwa sanaa hapa Kenya ni Mafuta na Unga…Watu wanaumia sanaa. Families are going without food. A bigger percentage of these people ni watu wa Nduthi. We are calling upon the Government to reduce Fuel prices whatever it takes. Sisi tutaendelea ku share the little we have with fellow Kenyans. Leo tumewekea 250 Nduthi guys Petroli. I hope itawaskuma kidogo.

We just hope that he can come up with a coherent plan and vision for the same people he is giving handouts to because we have seen this strategy before and it was being done by Mike Sonko back when he was on his come up as a political upstart. But all the best to Eric Omondi and may he continue helping out Kenyans.

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