Eric Omondi Pledges to Pay School Fees, Build House for Teenager Shot 8 Times by Police

Comedian Eric Omondi has pledged to pay the school fees and build a house for a young man who was allegedly shot eight times by police during a protest in Kisumu.

Omondi visited the boy, Fidel Castro, in Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital on Tuesday and promised to donate more than two million shillings to help him recover and rebuild his life.

“We will unite as Kenyans and contribute to him to ensure that his life will change completely,” Omondi said in a post on his Instagram account.

The comedian also said that he would build a house for Castro’s mother and open a business for her.

Castro, 17, was shot in the back on January 29 while playing cards with friends in his home in Nyamasaria, Kisumu county. He was taken to hospital in critical condition, but is now recovering.

Omondi’s pledge has been met with widespread support on social media, with many people donating money to help Castro. As of Wednesday morning, Omondi had already raised over 750,000 shillings.

This is not the first time that Omondi has used his platform to help those in need. Last week, he organized a fundraiser for Victor Juma, a man who was arrested in an unusual manner by a plainclothes police officer who posed as a journalist. Omondi was able to raise over 400,000 shillings for Juma.

Omondi’s actions have been praised by many, who see him as a role model for young people. He has shown that it is possible to use fame and influence to make a difference in the world.

It remains to be seen how much money Omondi will be able to raise for Castro, but his pledge has already given the young man hope for the future.

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