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Eric Omondi Reacts To Nadia Mukami & Masauti Being Chased Off Stage For Mbosso To Perform

December 20, 2021 at 12:53
Eric Omondi Reacts To Nadia Mukami & Masauti Being Chased Off Stage For Mbosso To Perform

Having spearheaded the move for #play 75% local content to support Kenyan musicians, comedian Eric Omondi is displeased by the treatment that Nadia Mukami & Masauti received at a recent concert in Mombasa. He has told them off for not being good enough. The duo was dispatched from their musical performance in order for Tanzanian musician Mbosso to take over.

According to Eric, it’s not peculiar for such to happen since Kenyan artists are ‘sleeping on their job’ and don’t have what it takes to compete with International artists.

On his Instagram reaction to the drama; Eric wrote;

”These Kenyan Artists wataendelea tu kuumia na Kudharauliwa mpaka SIKU ile wataniskia…Asiye skia la Mkuu Huvunjika guu…Anyway Plans are underway to BRING UP a TOTALLY NEW BREED of MUSICIANS hawa WASHATUANGUSHA.”

Eric continued to address Nadia Mukami after her response where she stated she couldn’t do anything to change the situation;


”My dear DO NOT EVER ALLOW Anyone to DISRESPECT YOU!!! You guys were SIMPLY LOOKED DOWN UPON!!! You were BE LITTLED, you were not that IMPORTANT and that has to STOP NOW!!! The way you are TREATED will REFLECT the way you are PAID. We have begun the CONVERSATION, We are PUTTING Systems in PLACE but NYINYI MME KATAA KUAMKA!!! People will only TREAT You the WAY YOU ALLOW THEM TO. Na Mkingoja tuwabembeleze mtangoja sanaa. Mezeni PIRITON, Chukueni DUVET MLALEEE KABISAAAAAAAAAA.”

Kenyan fans have since reacted in rage over the whole drama and shown bitterness to the organizers involved. However, some have sided with Eric Omondi to maintain that Kenyan artists are not giving enough of themselves.


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