“Eric Omondi recently approached me and hinted we can get back together,” Jacque Maribe spills (Video)

Image: “Eric Omondi recently approached me and hinted we can get back together,” Jacque Maribe spills (Video)

Eric Omondi denied being the father to Jacque Maribes son, Zahari, for a long time until he recently came public about it.

Unfortunately, looking back, he wishes that Jacque and him would get back to being an item now that they are both single, something that the former Citizen TV journalist has come open about.

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During her exclusive with Carole Mandi, Jacque admitted she always looked forward to holding her own baby, after two miscarriages but Eric was not.

“I think we were at different spaces in our lives. He did not look at it as a serious relationship and now we have a baby. But he still wants to have all the girls and the groupies etc,” Jacque opened up.

Co-parents, Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi

So they had to split and go their separate ways but still remain friends to date.

Eric and Jacque on getting back together

It is not until Jacque disclosed that Eric recently asked whether they can patch things up and get back together.

According to Jacque, given a chance, she would not go back to dating Eric but prefers their well-cemented friendship.

The sassy Jacque Maribe

Sadly though, Eric Omondi feels a different way.

“He doesn’t believe it though. He recently made a joke and said, “you’re single, I’m single, we’re meant to be single so that one day we [become one],” and I was like bro!” Jacque remarked.

Jacque was shocked at the comedians statement, and said she was not in for that.

“I keep telling him, we kind of messed up crossing the line. We were very good friends from the beginning but given a chance to become great friends again, I would never cross that line,” Jacque admitted.

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi and their son, Zahari

For her though, she is currently enjoying the single life and when it comes to dating again, she stated that she first needs to be good friends with the guy before moving any further.

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