Eric Omondi skinny again months after body transformation (Video)

Funny man Eric Omondi is back to his old skinny body and he is making this so obvious with his new outfits and of course a new video shared on his page.

Judging from what we have seen, allow me to now confirm that the abs and well built guns that kept giving ladies wild thoughts; have disappeared – and the fella is back to looking like the 1gb Eric Omondi from back in the day.

Yes ladies, all that sugar was short lived.

Comedian Omondi

This only means that’s Eric Omondi has lost discipline when it comes to his fitness journey; and just like before – he is also not eating properly – as it should be for a grown man.

He once opened up about his bad eating habits saying;

Naturally, I hate food and I have very poor eating habits so I was ingesting, not eating. I was on a mission and it takes a lot of discipline to move from 47kgs to 72kgs. I had even begun a community, ‘skinny people united’ which I have since left but it takes a lot of discipline and time and that is why from January to February, I kind of disappeared from the public scene

Eric Omondi back to 1GB after lack of discipline and determination


Eric Omondi looking like chocolate bars candy after parading ripped abs

The sudden change comes barely 8 months after Eric Omondi unveiled one of the sexiest bodies; we have ever seen on him.

However due to his inconstancy with his work out sessions, the funny man is back to square one.

Clearly the skinny body makes him less attractive; (just being honest) especially after fans saw how fine he looks while ripped.

Eric Omondi flaunts his muscles

For a minute fans were obsessed with the filled out solid muscle chest and arms; but that remains a memory until Eric decides whether he will fix his body; or will continue treating it like his old jokes!

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