Eric Omondi tells Jalang’o to beg God and Baba for forgiveness for his betrayal

Comedian Eric Omondi has requested that Phelix Odiwour alias Jalang’o, a member of parliament for Lang’ata, beg ODM party leader Raila Odinga for forgiveness for the comedian’s choice to cooperate with the Kenya Kwanza government.

He urged the MP to change his mind and join the party on whose platform he won the general election.

“Jalang’o is my personal friend, but we disagree on certain matters. He exhibited disrespect towards those who supported his rise, and I find myself in disagreement with him on this matter,”

Eric went on to emphasize the significant part Mr. Odinga played in Jalang’o’s political career.

“From campaigning for him to introducing him to the world of politics and even providing financial support for his campaigns. However, immediately after winning the elections, he began to mock Raila, suggesting that Raila had suffered defeat. My suggestion to him is to seek forgiveness both from God and from Raila. Only then will he find inner peace. In our culture, failing to make amends is akin to inviting misfortune upon oneself. To achieve peace within, one must reconcile with everyone involved,”

Eric clarified his interactions with Mr. Odinga as well.

“Raila told me to tell the young generation to change and respect the process and respect elders so that we can go far,”

Regarding the potential for him to join ODM, Eric made it clear that he is not now a member of any political party.

On the other hand, he claimed that his main goal is in line with Mr. Odinga’s vision of ensuring the wellbeing of all Kenyan residents.

He made the startling assertion that he would never consider meeting with President William Ruto.

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