Eric Omondi visits Victor Juma after he was arrested by police for confronting them about tear gassing his child

Kenyan comedian and activist Eric Omondi visited Victor Juma on July 21 after he was arrested by anti-riot police for confronting them about tear gassing his child.

The incident occurred in Mathare Constituency when police lobbed tear gas into Juma’s house, even though no one from his household was out on the streets participating in the opposition-led demonstrations being witnessed countrywide.

Juma’s toddler daughter collapsed after being exposed to the tear gas, and he angrily confronted the police officers about their actions. He was then arrested and charged with unlawful assembly.

Omondi, who is known for his work on social justice issues, visited Juma in police custody and expressed his support for him. He also said that he would help Juma secure a lawyer and bail, and that he would look into getting him a job to support his family.

Omondi said that Juma was not doing well in police custody, but that he was hopeful that he would be released soon. He also said that he would visit Juma’s family as soon as he was released.

The incident has sparked outrage among Kenyans, who have condemned the police for their actions. They have also called for Juma’s release and for an investigation into the matter.

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