Eric Omondi Vs Baba- Who’s The Real Hero?

Eric Omondi and Raila Odinga are evidently against the current political regime. And they’ve shown it to the public that they are not comfortable with the current economic situation.

As Raila Odinga was holding his ‘maandamano’ protests, Eric Omondi had his own. Both of them had quite a number of people to support their endeavor. But Eric Omondi is always arrested whenever he carries out a protest.

Eric Omondi was arrested in Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) on Monday while leading a demonstration protesting the high cost of living.

Anti-riot police officers surrounded him within minutes while he was addressing a small crowd at Kenyatta Avenue, and they were forced to use teargas to disperse the gathering.

Omondi’s convoy had started at Moi Avenue and made stops along Kenyatta Avenue to address residents.

On the flipside, Rao is a bigwig but was teargassed with his convoy in the capital, Nairobi, as he spearheaded the biggest protest against President William Ruto’s government since it took office.

The protests have also spread to other cities, with a university student reportedly shot dead in Kisumu.

Mr Odinga accuses the government of being “illegitimate”, and of failing to tackle the high cost of living.

Mr Ruto has rejected the claims.

Kenya’s highest court upheld his victory in last year’s election, but Mr Odinga insists that the election was “stolen”. He however, called off the protests last week.

Who do you think will be termed as the hero? Eric or Raila?


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