Eric Omondi Weighs In On Marrying Amber Ray, Reveals Bride Price He Would Pay For Her (Video)

Buoyant Amber Ray is definitely on high demand after her break-up with businessman Jimal Roho Safi. While she’s grooving her single life; the curvy socialite seems adamant on replacing her lover Jimal. Their amicable separation seems to have taught her some lesson.

However, it doesn’t limit her from having fun with men out here. Amber and comedian Eric Omondi elicited dating rumours after they were spotted having a good time together. Eric could be seen taking a walk around a horse ranch, with Amber Ray in tow. And admirable photos of the duo would later on suffice.

In addition, last week, an explicit video of the two dancing in a club went viral; further suggesting that they don’t mind getting naughty & freaky together.

SCREENSHOT: Amber Ray Addresses Rumors That She Is Dating Eric Omondi And His Best Friend - Jalango TV - Kenya No.1 Online TV
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Eric On Amber Ray’s Worth

Eric Omondi is not hiding the fact that he admires Amber Ray. As a matter of fact, he states that he would marry her. Speaking on Plug TV, the comedian weighed in on Amber Ray’s worth, stating the numerous goats, cows, chicken and sheep he would add on to Amber Ray’s bride price;

”Amber Ray ntanunulia babake ranch. Nimwekee ng’ombe kama elfu tano ivi, mbuzi elfu tatu, kondoo elfu mbili, kuku kama elfu tatu. Niwajengee nyumba kama hii niweke DSTV internet. Nilipie one year. DSTV nilipie 2 years. Babake nimnunulie land, nimjenge nyumba. Nyumba yao na nyumba ya babake…”

Eric however claimed that Amber Ray hurt him when she publicly ‘refused’ him and claimed he was just a friend. The comedian continued to state that he’s planning to have Amber Ray on his Wife Material show season 3.

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