Eric Omondi’s arrest a strategy to keep kenyans quiet on high cost of living?

Okay before anything else we can all agree that Eric Omondi is doing something many kenyans are afraid of doing and that is fighting to see whether the government can help out now that the cost of living has become unbearable.

I know we all got warned about this by the previous government but who doesnt love change? Actually whether you like or not – truth is chnage is inevitable and so far many are experiencing it the hard way.

For that reason we have seen a few celebrities plead with the government to consider the common mwanainchi…but never did anyone raise a finger to protest on the high cost of living – maybe because they already know how it’ll go (getting harrased by those in power) and if you think they were wrong….wait until you hear about Eric Omondi’s story.

Eric Omondi spends night in police custody

Well i am sure Eric Omondi now relates with kila siku sio sunday after his arrest on Tuesday, February 21 after his little stunt protesting against high cost of living… and for the first time – he spent the night behind bars.

What actually caught my attention is a new video of Eric Omondi and his boys being escorted to court earlier this morning….amd get this – the police had the siren on. Literally like an ambulance carrying some human organs and needs more ice but is stuck in traffic.

Honestly if this same efforts were applied to solve the many crimes in kenya – wouldn’t we be far? Okay – i know Eric and his boys have to take responsibility for their actions….but damn the government (which doesnt take criticism so well) used the same energy to help its citizens then maybe there wouldnt be any unnecessary arrests and time wastage.

But again, having no celebrities (except KRG) step in and show support for Eric Omondi proves enyewe kila mtu ajisort.

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