Eric Omondi’s baby mama, Lynne Njihia, opens up about her horrific birth and delivery story

Lynne Njihia, the baby mama of comedian Eric Omondi, recently opened up about her horrific birth and delivery story in a bonding session with Amber Ray.

Njihia said that she suffered throughout her pregnancy, experiencing morning sickness, acid reflux, gastritis, and ulcers. She was hospitalized every week from 34 weeks on.

At 34 weeks pregnant, Njihia went into labour. She was driving when she started to experience crampy bloating. She called her mother and told her what was happening.

Njihia’s mother took her to the hospital, where she was seen by a gynaecologist. The gynaecologist admitted Njihia and gave her an injection because the baby’s lungs weren’t fully developed.

Njihia then began experiencing persistent vomiting. The doctors told her that she would need an emergency C-section because the baby was too small to push and she could get tired.

Omondi was not allowed to be in the operating room, so he waited on the other side to receive the baby and take her to the nursery.

After delivery, Njihia felt like vomiting again as the anaesthesia wore off. However, the medics were in between shifts and couldn’t attend to her. According to Njihia’s mother, she passed out and was unresponsive for an hour.

Omondi panicked and left the hospital, while Njihia’s mother tried to wake her up.

“I was told that she was tapping me,” Njihia said. “Eric akaishiwa na nguvu akawachana na mimi [Eric ran out of strength and left me]. She told me I was silent for one hour. Then after that, I started crying.”

Njihia was horrified by her post-surgery recovery. “The first walk weuh,” she said. “You can’t talk, laugh, cough. If you turn, you get stressed.”

Njihia is now recovering from her childbirth experience and is grateful for her healthy baby girl.

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