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Eric Omondi’s miscarriage stunt went too far

November 29, 2022 at 13:00
Eric Omondi’s miscarriage stunt went too far

Eric Omondi has most his celebrity friends gossiping him on the down low and i am starting to believe that they discuss him in groups to avoid telling him that he should start planning for retirement or better – take some time off to come up with a special comedy edition since he no longer seems to have any role in the entertainment industry.

Eric Omondi and Ms P

Well – he can’t sing, so music won’t do him any good plus his fashion sense is just ridiculous for a man his age. Being a father hasn’t also worked for him – and now that he is losing friends ie Bien – maybe Eric Omondi needs therapy.

Okay – just tge other day Bien shared a public post telling Eric Omondi he had been banned from all Sol Generation events…..and right there is when everyone realized that shit just hit the wind and whether we like it or not…..Eric Omondi jas become that one entertainer no one wants to be associated with.

Miscarriage stunt

Bien’s announcement came just a few hours after Eric Omondi allegedly walked in at Nyashinski’s event with dogs….damn boy…

Lyyne breaks down following miscarriage

And before that, the same comedian shared a video of his girlfriend breaking down at the emergency room following a miscarriage.

And barely 4 days after this Lyyne (current girlfriend) was back to sharing videos living life to the fullest, followed by a trip to the coast…..and i am here thinking – was it an abortion or a miscarriage because believe me – women who lose kids (born or unborn) go through a tough phase of acceptance lakini huyu wa Eric Omondi nikama ilikuwa celebration mode.

Okay i know we all mourn different but come on – kuna vitu tu obvious. Anyway with this stunt, most celebs have since distanced themselves from Eric and very soon……hell be on his own if not careful.


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