Esma Platnumz ex husband responds after former in-laws accuse him of being broke (Video)

Esma parted ways with baby daddy, Petitman a few months ago; and barely 5 months after parting ways, Esma announced her engagement to her South African based husband.

For a minute the news sounded more of a joke as Diamond Platnumz; and Mama Dangote refused to attend Esma’s wedding with her new man, Msizwa Yahya.

Rumor has it that the two did not want to disrespect Petitman who had dated Esma for over 10 years. But since the two are both hard headed, their marriage failed immediately they started making referring to each other as man and wife.

Co-parents, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

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Bad mouthing Petitman

Anyway, a while back Petitman went on to reveal that all is well despite losing his wife to another man!

However although she had moved on; he assured the interviewer that Esma would not last with her new husband because there is no man who can handle his ex wife’s pride.

Esma and her backup however felt offended and decided to pay back by claiming Petitman is a broke man!

Esma Platnumz and Petit Man with their daughter

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Petitman broke

Speaking to a journalist from Bongo 5, Petitman went on to deny being broke. According to him, he has enough money to sustain his small family, school fees and basic needs.

To him, he has no money to show off like the Dangote’s do! For some reason, it appears that Petitman is now done with Esma and just maybe, there won’t be another last chance.

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