Ethic Vs Sailors Gang: Which group is the baddest?

People have been going crazy over Sailors Gang’s dubbed Wamlambez over the last few days and doing challenges where some says ‘Wamlambez’ and you reply ‘Wamyonyez’. You would be tempted to think the song was just released yet it came out in April.

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It took me back to the day Ethic dropped Lamba Lolo and how it used to be played everywhere. From clubs,  local radio and TV stations, to gigs everyone had that song on repeat so much so that it seemed like a national anthem.


Before long, other groups who had a similar music approach started emerging and then came Sailors Gang, a group that is made up of Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Lexxy Yung, Masilver and Qoqosjuma in April this year.

The new kids on the block have taken over never mind the fact that its barely four months since they made their debut in the local entertainment scene. What they have achieved is impressive by any standards.

You might hate me for this but sometimes I compare them with Ethic. You see, the Lamba Lolo hit makers released a new song in June, people spoke about it for a few weeks and it almost as if the hype died.

The reason I’m saying this because Wamlambez, which was released in April, has more talkability than Ethic’s most recent release. It’s the new national anthem. The way I see it, this begs a lot of questions.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

One of the questions is, which group is the baddest between Ethic and Sailors Gang? Tell us below.

Watch Sailors Gang’s latest release dubbed Queen B here.

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