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Eve Mungai is desperate to become a sex symbol

March 07, 2023 at 13:18
Eve Mungai is desperate to become a sex symbol

Has anyone else oticed how Eve Mungai poses for photos ven when she’s doing commercial work? As a mentor of mine pointed out, “that lass is desperate to become a sex icon”. The funny thing about that is that she is supposed to be from the generation of women who declare that they are more than just sexual objects yet we find ourselves here having this conversation.

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From what I undrstand about her situation and circumstances, she is a married woman or whatever passs for that given her longterm relationship with Director Trevor yet for some reason she seems to believe that she can post thirst traps which are an advertisement for her sexual availability on social media.

Now it makes sense why when she was being celebrated by Harmonize, Andrew Kibe warned her man about Eve Mungai because the truth of the matter is that industry heavyweights know alot about alot! Or, you know, perhaps it was all steam and there is nothing there beyond malice.

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Back to the duiscussion we were having: It struck me as od that even as she run sponsored content, she decided to make use of her sexuality and the ad was about house cleaning *insert early 90s dial up sounds*.

Eve Mungai has ascended to the top of the career path Trevor has designed for her and now she wants more than the type of success that would sate a man; she wants to know that she is sexy to members of the opposite gender.

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And whether or not that is a bad thing remains to be seen, for now all we can do is stand on the sidelines and peer in hoping to catch the whiff of a scandal because I guarantee that this desire for male validation won’t end well.

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