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“Even if I wear a sack, my bum will still jiggle” says Jesus gurl, Nicah the Queen

March 10, 2021 at 14:44
“Even if I wear a sack, my bum will still jiggle” says Jesus gurl, Nicah the Queen

Nicah the Queen who is popularly known as comedian Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife and of course singer Weezdom friends with benefit; has been leaving fans with wild thoughts on social media all thanks to her body.

The lass left many talking this past weekend following a video she shared inviting fans and friends to her new church. However what triggered is the fact that the video shows her walking away; and boy did her mama bless her generously.

Nicah ‘Jesus Girl’ looking hotter than ever

While others concentrated on the flawless glowing skin; her haters decided to use her ‘strength’ against her – but little did they know that Jesus Girl is saved for real. Anyway addressing the many claims and insults, Nicah through her IG went on to write;

Apparently am trending for the video I did last Sunday inviting you guys to church…I did an innocent video and walked an innocent walk. If it was a petite person walking I don’t think it would have blown out of proportion. I love God and that will never change.

Deal with it

From her statement, it appears that Ofweneke’s ex wife is aware that she was blessed with big assets: and even if she tried to hide them – it wouldn’t work.

So for those calling her out for skimpy outfits and tight dresses, Nicah has this to tell you.

Nicah the Queen

My body should never at one point describe my religion nor my love for christ and even if I wear a sack my bum will still jiggle. I welcome you to our church CHRIST EMBASSY ALONG SHIMO LA TEWA ROAD. #JESUSGURL

And there you have it!


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