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Even after Maina Kageni came out guns blazing to defend him, Diamond continues to massacre grammar…just look at what he posted now

April 20, 2017 at 18:57

Diamond recently became the laughing stock of the interwebs when it clearly came out he can’t spell…even to save his life.

What do I mean?

The guy was marketing his new range of perfume which is supposed to be his next source of livelihood and he just couldn’t do it right.

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And with all the money he’s making, can’t he just hire me to handle his social media instead of embarrassing himself like that?

Anyway, everybody makes mistakes but repeating mistakes is where the issue lies.

Even after Maina Kageni came out to defend him that spelling is not a measure of intelligence, he still made the same mistake yet again.

On this one it should have been ladies and gentlemen and not ladies and gentleman. Then jus instead of just…have a look:



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