Even Obado was absent! Politicians fail to attend burial of Sharon Otieno’s baby (Photos)

Sharon Otieno’s baby was laid to rest in a low-key ceremony in Magare Village, Homa Bay county. The seven-month-old foetus was killed by the same knife that pierced its mother’s body.

The burial, which was held on Friday 14th September, was delayed for 6 long hours after the family failed to secure a burial permit in time which was required before collecting the body from the morgue.

There was drama at the Med25 International-Kenya Hospital Mortuary in Mbita as Sharon Otieno’s family faced off with mortuary attendants, they demanded the immediate release of the baby’s body as Luo tradition dictates that a baby is buried before noon.

The burial was initially scheduled for between 10am and 11.59am but the body was only released at 4pm after the burial permit was sent via WhatsApp.

No politicians present

The body was taken directly to the grave upon arrival at Magare village. The burial ceremony was attended by family members and neighbors. Politicians steered clear of the burial.

Mourners carry the casket bearing the remains of Sharon Otieno's baby
Mourners carry the casket bearing the remains of Sharon Otieno’s baby

Mourners were however not allowed wail, Luo culture does not allow mourners to cry at the funeral of an unborn child.


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