Every woman needs a pocket simp like Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi has been a simp for Chantal Grazioli while they were dating but what is even more egregious is the fact that he continues to simp for her even after she dumped him and jumped into the bed and arms of her current lover (or is he an ex now?) Nicola Traldi.

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You see, whenever she has an issue she knows to call him because he will drop everything and fly to her aid. Hell, even when it is due to a culmination of her poor decision-making skills, she knows he will still attempt to absolve her of any responsibility in the matter and cape for her like some garbage, Riverwood superhero.

Chantal with bae

Make no mistake about it, her most recent escapade in which she revealed she was the victim of gender-based violence was wrong as no one should be victimized by their partner but she made the conscious decision to stay with him after the first -not once, not twice but several- instances of violence.

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We can say whatever the hell we want but we cannot absolve her of the poor decision-making skills she has shown to possess (if any because at this point it is debatable. I cannot fathom my sister staying with a man after he hits her the first time let alone the subsequent times. Let that sink in. No really, I have to repeat myself for the intellectually dishonest feminists who simply want any excuse to complain about; what Nicola did was wrong but she chose to stay until Eric Omondi swooped in and rescued her.

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The only reason he would ever think to involve himself in the affairs of his ex is that he is not over her. You cannot convince me otherwise. And what’s worse is that she knows that even though he is not her first choice partner, he is still going to avail himself to help her fix her problems.

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Chantal knows that Eric Omondi is forever in her clutches. That is why when it hit the fans, she didn’t try to get help from the watchman, she didn’t call her relatives, she instead reached out to her pocket simp. And he, like an eager dog wanted to prove he’s a good boy.

Comedian Eric Omondi with girlfriend, Chantal

No one who has ended things with their ex and is in a new relationship -that is if they respect themselves, their partner and the relationship, no one would cape for their ex like he does. It is ludicrous. But that is the heart of the matter. He has never believed he could do better than his ex so he will go help her clean up her mess.

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We do not know what happened other than the fact that she is bearing the scars of a physical altercation. However, what we do know is that Eric Omondi has gone above and beyond for Chantal than he would go for his current partner, Lynne. Can you imagine what she is feeling knowing that is the case? Knowing her man was second best to his ex yet he is still whimpering and pining for her? Was I her brother I would advise her to anticipate the breakup.

This is just a messy situation emanating from Eric Omondi’s low self-esteem when it comes to Chantal. She is an adult who could have at any point before his intervention decided to leave her abusive partner but she didn’t. She is an adult with agency who chose to remain with her ex on the previous occasions he allegedly thumped her. Let that sink in. Erico Omondi thinks he will friendzone his way back into her heart and pants. It’s pretty pathetic. If he were indeed the one she called first, he should have sent police officers to her house, not rush in where even angels fear to tread.

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