Ex Ray teams up with 34 GVNG’s Shagwah and Hitman Kaht on ‘Taniua’ (Video)

Image: Ex Ray

Ex Ray, who is one third of Rieng hitmakers Boondocks Gang has released a new track with 34 GVNG’s Hitman Kaht and Shagwah and it’s a big tune.

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The song dubbed Taniua, a catchphrase that is commonly associated with Ex Ray, has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago.

The first time I heard this track, it made me wonder what they were thinking but after listening to it twice or thrice, I came to love it and now I can’t stop hitting the replay button.


Like I always say, if you chose to ignore the raunchiness of the lyrics and focus on the wordplay and rhymes, you will realize that some of these Gengetone are amazing lyricists. I am dead serious.

All the three artists who were featured on Taniua did a good job and to be honest, it’s so hard to choose whose verse I loved the most so we’ll just talk about each of them briefly.

For starters, I was totally impressed by Hitman Kaht. I’ve never know that he can sing let alone rap since we are used to him producing songs not knowing that he is even a better artist.

Hitman Kaht
Hitman Kaht

If you ask me, his flow on Taniua is quite impressive. His verse is on point because he has a way with words to make some dope rhymes that keep you hooked.

Shagwah also aced it. He is also a talented chap. He’s one of the two members of 34 GVNG that I hold in high esteem, the other of course is Vuva. Anyway, his verse on this jam is sick because he has great punchlines.

As for Ex Ray, he does not really have a verse on this jam. The two artists just borrowed  his Taniua catchphrase and incorporated it in the song.

As expected, the beat is also on point seeing as it was produced by Hitman Kaht. Seriously though, when has he ever disappointed us?

Listen to Taniua below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

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