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Exclusive: This is the reason why Kansoul’s Mejja was rushed to hospital last week in critical condition…it’s not alcohol poisoning

April 05, 2017 at 06:17

As he was going about his business last Tuesday, 28th March Kansoul’s Mejja started feeling some dull pain near the navel and being the gangsta from the streets he is, he ignored it.

Soon afterwards the pain got sharp and continued to proceed up his upper abdomen and before he understood what was going on he started feeling nauseated and vomiting.


Mejja is hospital

Immediately the gang realized something was wrong so they rushed him to Avenue Hospital where he was admitted immediately.

He underwent a thorough a check up and it was discovered he had appendicitis and an operation had to be conducted immediately to remove his appendix.

Well, that happened over the weekend and it was absolutely successful. Mejja is currently recovering well and is awaiting to be discharged.

Ghafla wishes him a quick recovery as we look forward to being Bablased!

See what I did there?



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