Exclusive: The untold story of how Nairobi Women Rep aspirant Karen Nyamu allegedly tried to defraud a leading Telecommunications Company a whooping 1.8 Million and actually got caught(evidence)

One of the aspirants for the Women Representatives seat in Nairobi has been allegedly been EXPOSED as a (former) crook and wily quack who once attempted to defraud a leading mobile telecommunications giant by presenting fake deposit slips for the intent of transacting business.

Karen Nyamu, one of the females gunning for the Women’s Reps seat, might be a lawyer as she presents herself but even lawyers break the law, it seems.

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The youthful lady, who uses her sexual allure and face to lure voters while branding herself ‘Bae wa Nai’, has been badly exposed as a crook who once dabbled in forgery and intentions to defraud companies and even Banks using dummy slips.

According to exclusive documents in the possession of Ghafla, on June 11 2011, Karen Njeri Nyamu and her partner-in-crime Philip Gathirwa Ngara, FORGED a Barclay’s Bank of Kenya deposit slip purporting it to be a genuine slip issued by the Bank for the purposes of transacting business with telecommunications company, Safaricom.

The young woman, whose entire campaign has been over-sexualized and sensationalized to attract voters to her persona, is said to have forged deposit slips worth a whooping Ksh 1.8 Million shillings and presented them to Safaricom Retail Centres to obtain scratch cards and other mobile phone-related merchandise.

According to the police charge sheet, Karen Nyamu and her associate Mr. Philip then attempted to pass off the FAKE slips as genuine slips from the Barclay’s Bank but were then busted and quickly arraigned in Court and charged with forgery and conspiracy to defraud contrary to section 317 of the Penal Code.

For a woman who was probably studying – or already practicing – law, Karen ought to have been on the front line to not only protect the Constitution but also uphold it and obey it – assuming she had even read it.

Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu as a past function with Member of parliament for Gatundu, Moses Kuria

Instead, the unscrupulous Parliamentary aspirant was busy forging documents, cheating banks, swindling retail clients,  hoodwinking Safaricom and issuing worthless bank slips worth millions in the name of business.

We reached out to her to find what exactly transpired and she claims to have been entirely innocent and aloof from the whole thing. Apparently Mr. Phillip, whom she’s charged alongside was the person involved in the crime and not her.

What he had done was hack into her company, which she claimed to have registered alongside her father by the way to do the heinous act. The funny thing is if indeed a limited company, why was the charge sheet for her and not the company? *smells something fishy here*

She was also very much particular that she went through the courts and was actually acquitted on grounds that she was actually a victim of an ongoing grand scheme.

Attached, for your pleasure, oh reader, is the police charge sheet.

Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu

Knock yourselves out!

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