Exray Pays Tribute To Late Music Producer Byron Papi

Kenyan gengetone artist Exray has paid an emotional tribute to his late music producer and friend Byron Muhando Kivisi, also known as Byron Papi. Exray took to his Instagram page to share his deep sorrow, commemorating their cherished moments together and their collaborative efforts in the music studio.

The grieving artiste shared several photos and videos of Byron, showcasing their enduring bond and the countless hours they spent crafting music. One particularly touching post captured a scene from Byron’s candle-lighting ceremony.

Exray, who is renowned for his chart-topping hits, expressed the profound impact that Byron Papi had on his life, both personally and professionally. He emphasized that Byron was not merely a music producer but, in essence, a brother to him.

In his tribute, Exray wrote:

“I have never felt like this in a long time, have tried sleeping so that I could wake up from this nightmare of so much pain to lose you as a friend, brother, my producer, you and I have done so much.”

He also expressed his gratitude for Byron’s guidance and support, and for the many lessons he learned from him.

“Hit after hit we have recorded more than 100 songs together. It’s ok we have to let you go, but we will never forget you, and we will always keep you in our hearts forever.”

Exray’s tribute is a moving testament to the deep friendship and professional bond that he shared with Byron Papi. It is also a reminder of the profound impact that Byron had on the Kenyan music industry and on the lives of those who knew him.

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