Ezekiel Mutua terms Anita Nderu‘s show as pathetic after an attempt to promote same gender relationships!

Ezekiel Mutua has finally addressed the Anita Nderu issue of promoting homosexuality through her cooking show as seen in her YouTube channel!

Through his Twitter handle, Ezekiel who is Kenya Film Classification Board CEO accused the lady of generating content that promotes homosexuality! According to him, this was pathetic and laziness of the mind since she could not come up with something that educates her audience.

Ezekiel Mutua bashes Anita

#anitanderu’s gay show was a pathetic attempt to promote homosexuality in the name of user generated content and freedom of expression. No brand worthy it’s name should be proud of this madness. It’s laziness of mind and lack of imagination to fall for such cheap gimmick!

No gay content

Although Ezekiel Mutua is not the only one complaining about the video shared by Anita Nderu; the Kenya Film Classification board CEO made it clear back in 2018 that no gay content should not be aired on our screens.

We have said no to this nonsense and have written to the NGO Coordination Board for investigation. We are firm on these issues, particularly where the content targets young children. No gay content will air on our screens under our watch. You can make all the noise to hell and back. I don’t care who is behind these groups.

Ms Anita Nderu

Anita however crossed the boundaries by allowing her two hosts to discuss their sex lives on her show; brought nothing but trouble and disgust to her camp.

Sodom and Gomorrah

So far the likes of  YouTuber Lisa Gaitho; and others have come out to strongly ‘rebuke’ Anita Nderu for pushing gay content through her show.

Looking at Lisa’s post, the you will realize that she chose to get spiritual while addressing this issue, she wrote;

  “I rebuke and come against this in the name of Jesus! its 5.30 a.m and the lord has me in tears because of the nonsense his children are being fed I declare every young and impressionable soul who watched this wickedness freed and covered in the blood of Jesus! the spirit of sexual immorality and perversion will not attach itself to your life in the name of Jesus! I cancel and uproot every seed planted by the spirit behind Anita Nderu and Co.

And since no one is ready to have Kenya as the next Sodom and Gomorrah; Lisa went on to tell Anita by adding;

Not only is this glorifying homosexuality that God hates,(the sin not the person and anyone dealing with this needs to take it to the feet of god to deal with, not accept and embrace it! That is not the tolerance Jesus was about.he loves you!your soul and spirit is precious to him,do not allow your flesh to blind and deceive you), it goes a step further and encourages other sexual perversions like threesomes! Sex is intended to be holy and glorifies God but the devil has made sure that it’s perverted since the beginning of time! Kenya will not be turned into Sodom and Gomorrah!!”

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