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Fagieni kwenyu! Queen of the streets Shakilla shades bloggers and poet asking her to grow up

November 19, 2020 at 13:29
Fagieni kwenyu! Queen of the streets Shakilla shades bloggers and poet asking her to grow up

Shakilla is not ready to grow up nor will she be taking orders from those who think that she should now be acting her age! The socialite revealed this in a new post shared on her IG stories; where she went on to call out those who have been sharing their opinions about her lifestyle.

However Shakilla now feels that she may have given these bloggers too much power; which has now misled them to thinking their opinions matter in her life. LoL.

According to Shakilla she is aware of her wanna be ratchet brand that puts food on her table; and instead of these people focusing on her life too much – how about take a breather and relax since it’s never that serious! On the detailed shared on her page, 19 year old Shakilla went on to write;

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Shakilla with the fallen angels

Been taking a lot of bs for the past two weeks. When I talk the bloggers and stories always end up saying am a young kid who needs to grow up or I have mental illness ion know imma clout chaser but to the point where I am hell no!!!!

Mind your business!

The post comes just a few days after spoken word poet Story Za Kapedo shared a video talking Shakilla and her fast rising fame. Just like everyone else, Kapedo went on to warn Shakilla about the life she has chosen to live; but again, how does her life involve her?

In response to the poem, Shakilla wrote;

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If it’s bad it’s bad at the end of the day you have have your “well polished brand” and I have my “satan sent wanna be socialite controversial stories” it’s about time the streets know who you really are or rather…..


Since there is no positive or negative publicity Shakilla also needs to remember that playing her cards will one day come in handy; or may end up like the likes of Vanessa Chettle who is struggling in Eldoret!


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