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Faith Muturi reveals why she chose to stay pure until her wedding night

April 05, 2018 at 09:12
Faith Muturi reveals why she chose to stay pure until her wedding night

Motivational speaker Faith Muturi is among the very few women who got married while still a virgin.

This being a personal decision not to engage in sex until the right time, Faith Muturi says it also comes with challenges. Speaking about how she managed to date her husband George Ngugi without getting physicall, the mum of one says it was not easy!

It’s not easy at all. We had to set up boundaries in many ways. The best thing is that it was such a huge investment. We had to find fun and healthy ways to relate. The greatest gift is growing in character. We learnt to honour God and each other.

However, thanks to self control and boundaries, the two waited until their first night as man and wife.

But before their special night, they had mastered the art of communication and why waiting was important to them. She went on to say;

We learnt to communicate and really do life. We knew a marriage thrives most because of honour, trust and communication. Waiting allowed us to grow these traits so much. We’re definitely imperfect and broken in many ways, but we simply took it a day at a time.

Faith Muturi’s advice

If you are wondering whether it’s possible to abstain until marriage, the motivational speaker had this to say;

God is able to sustain you just as he did Joseph. Just like he did with David, he also restores. Yes, you can start again; He makes all things new. Irrespective of the past, purity is available for each of us.

She went on to add;

Anyone can have sex, it takes a warrior to choose to wait. You’ll become her hero, hands down. Ladies, waiting is an investment for honour and commitment in marriage. Yet it’s all by God’s grace.


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